Clutch wont enegage

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Clutch wont enegage

Post by Zimmsusie »

Several years back a new compressor was put in and charged, but it never actually blew cold air. Now I'm on a mission to figure it out.

I have checked fuses, relay, relay wires, the plug at compressor. Added a half a can of diy freon and sprayed lines down with soapy water. When I hooked up the can it was already reading 80 psi. I am at a loss. I was just going to replace the compressor and clutch orfic tube and accumlator but I called a shop he said he doesnt think that issue but wont be able to look at the car for a while yet and doesnt know what it would cost to look at it until hes looked at it. :/

Any one have any ideas or know what's wrong?

1995 buick lesabre custom.
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Re: Clutch wont enegage

Post by JohnHere »

You mentioned that you checked the connector at the compressor, but do you see voltage there with the system turned on?
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