May I ask here about my car audio project?

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May I ask here about my car audio project?

Postby DJAndrew69 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:36 am

As a new member, Hello to everyone,

I'm driving a BMW E82 1 2012 since December 2015, my car AC is working very nice! :)

May I ask here about my car audio project? 8-)

Floating ground Adapter for Car audio line level signal?

I have an Audi that uses the Bose outside amplifier (according to the datasheet of LME49811TB/NOPB - . Bose/Audi planned the framework to utilize a solitary regular between the take unit line off and the Bose amplifier line input, so it is four wires (FR+, FL+, RR+, RL+, Common) with the normal not attached to the ground, it is a floating normal. However, new auto sound hardware utilizes atypical that is fixing to the ground, with both the head unit and outside amplifier binds the ground to the line level normal.

One clarification I've perused, and I have no trust in the exactness, is that Bose utilizes some kind of capacitor sifting on hold level contribution to request to channel the "pops" that a head unit makes when exchanging inputs.

In any case, now with another head unit that uses the ground tied regular for its line-level yield I now hear a pop when the unit switches inputs, changes radio stations and so on. One clarification is that evidently with the ground tied basic the separating capacitors in the Bose amplifier get attached to the ground amid the info changes of the head unit and release to ground.

What most I've found on the web says to utilize is a "Gliding Ground Adapter" (FGA) between the head unit and the speaker.

Being the electrical specialist I am I'm thinking about whether anybody has any recognition with these auto sound frameworks and could help me to design an FGA, or concoct some other approach to decouple the ground so as to keep these pops while, ideally, not influencing the sound quality?

Thanks for your time and helping me!
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Re: May I ask here about my car audio project?

Postby Grizzle » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:09 am

It's a very interesting project, Andrew. Sadly, I lack the technical knowledge to be of any help. But I'm interested if you figured anything out yourself. Any updates?

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