Compressor Seal Leaking on 2005 Ford Escape

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Compressor Seal Leaking on 2005 Ford Escape

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I am a returning member here from several years ago, as my old username would not work so had to re register. Hoping to get some opinions on my 2005 Ford Escape with a leaking compressor seal. I bought it recently with 112K miles so do not know the history of the A/C system and have discovered that the compressor is slinging oil from the shaft. My feeling is that with the mileage and no history I will need to replace the compressor, accumulator and expansion valve. So, with that being said I am wondering how long do I have before damage is done to other components from the loss of oil from the compressor?

I don't want to wait until the compressor starts to disintegrate and cause "black death" but not in a position to have this done right away either. Having rebuilt several systems in older ('90 - "96) Ford Trucks I am fairly familiar with A/C systems and have the basic tools for repair so would it be feasible to add a little oil to replace what has leaked out and possibly prolong this repair? I do have gauges to replace the oil if needed and I might add that there is no noise from the compressor and the system is performing really great at this time.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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