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weird connectors

Post by w6k »

My 1993 jeep has strange connectors. high pressure is a bayonet type and the low pressure is just a female hose type, How do I connect my guages to these?
Low pressure fitting.jpg
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high pressure fitting.jpg
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Re: weird connectors

Post by JohnHere »

Your vehicle came from the factory with R-12 refrigerant. By the look of the low-side fitting in the picture, the system appears to have been converted to R-134a. That fitting takes a standard R-134a Manifold Gauge Set (MGS) low-side (blue) quick connector, not a threaded connector.

The high-side "fitting" isn't a fitting at all. From the picture, it looks to me like a High-Pressure Cut Off (HPCO) switch. But there's no electrical connector attached to it. Is there a loose connector and wire somewhere in the vicinity that isn't hooked-up to anything?

The actual high-side fitting to which the MGS attaches (red connector and hose) has to be located elsewhere on the system's high side.

Some additional questions: Are you the original owner of this Jeep? Did you have the A/C system converted to R-134a? What model Jeep is this, and which engine does it have? Did the system fail in some way, is that why you want to test the pressures?
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