93 Toyota Pickup recharge challenges

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Re: 93 Toyota Pickup recharge challenges

Post by JohnHere »

I'm not sure, but Al must have meant charge through the LOW side. Attempting to charge through the high side is ill advised and downright dangerous, especially for a newbie. So keep that high-side (red) handwheel closed at all times while charging, and charge refrigerant only through the low side (blue handwheel, gauge, and hose).

Tim, our site administrator, has posted an excellent charging tutorial under "Automotive Air Conditioning Procedures, Tips and FAQ," first topic. Please read and understand that before proceeding.
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Re: 93 Toyota Pickup recharge challenges

Post by Al9 »

What i really wanted to stress here is that if everything one has at disposal is refrigerant cans and newbie-level experience (uncomfortable with gauges and what not), then he's/she's supposed to stop and take the car to an experienced and suitably equipped professional who will charge the system the proper way.

Yes, through the LOW side is safer for a newbie, but it can slug/oil wash the compressor if done wrong. And the system has to be completely charged, by weight, with the compressor not running, or the compressor (especially a Denso sumpless double acting swashplate unit such as OP's one) will suffer oil starvation. I never said to turn the compressor on, or let the compressor turn on, at any point during the charging process.

So, taking the car to a professional will cost more, but it will be safer BOTH for the newbie and for the car's AC system. I basically said to take the car to an AC professional.

This was highlighted in my next post with "I'm afraid MVAC isn't newbie-friendly stuff. I'd recommend you hand this over to a pro." when the OP showed he/she didn't understand how proper lubrication of a newly installed AC compressor is carried.

Anyway, the post has been edited to better clarify my point.
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