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1996 civic won't start

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:48 pm
by Jag987
Ok, I know this is an ac forum, but the only other auto related forum I'm on is a Chevy specific, and the people here are smarter than the people there.

So I worked on the ac on a different car for this person, they liked my work and everything so they asked me to look at this car that has been sitting for about a year because it just quit in their driveway. Spark seemed a bit weak and the contacts on the cap had quite a bit of buildup on them so I replaced the cap, rotor, and plugs. It started with a little fuel in the intake, ran till it was shut off and I have not been able to get it started since. I'm open to any ideas at this point. Here is what has been done.

Coil tested with ohm meter and compared to two new coils.
Control module/igniter tested at auto parts store.
Wiring tested for ignition system, pickup is working, injectors firing
Compression tested
Fuel pump is pumping (but have also put fuel right in the TB)
Timing covers removed and marks all line up properly
No DTC, scanner does not show any codes in history

The spart at the plugs is blue/orange. I keep wanting to go back to spark because it seems a little weak to me, but everything there tests fine. But it does not even fire, it has popped once or twice but that is it. I have not replaced the wires. I'm sure it is something simple and stupid that I am missing, but I am just looking over it. And it is a friend of a friend type thing so it is basically a charity job.

Thanks in advance!

Re: 1996 civic won't start

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:03 pm
by jeepsj
Fuel pressure at the rail? Are the injectors pulsing?

Re: 1996 civic won't start

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:39 am
by Jag987
Yes and yes. I do not have the adapter to check fuel pressure, but I cracked the line at the filter on the firewall and there is pressure there. I can hear the injectors clicking. Someone suggested that I check timing again, he has seen these jump a tooth and look ok if just a quick check is made. I have not been back over to look at it again yet.

Re: 1996 civic won't start

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:48 am
by mk378
Take the distributor cap off and try to jump sparks from the coil output to a grounded test wire. You should have blue sparks more than 1/2 inch long. If the coil makes weak sparks, replace the coil. These coils are prone to partially shorting internally and making weak yellow sparks. This is often related to over-volting the coil by firing it into an open circuit. Never crank or run the engine with the coil energized but spark wires disconnected.

Such a coil WILL PASS the ohmmeter test. I don't know why they keep printing up the ohmmeter test in service manuals because it has a lot of bad coils testing "good".