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Hello Admin, members.

I couldn't find a section on the forum for new members to introduce themselves, so I thought I would do that here.

My name is David, I have been working in the automotive trade since I left school some thirty odd years ago, and although I have worked my way round air conditioning systems while working on vehicles, I have never actually got involved in the systems at all until last year.

I started by contacting our local Motor Trade Association the IMI, they provided training providers that carryout the training. I spent a month reading an in-depth book on automotive air conditioning systems called "Automotive Air-Conditioning and Climate Control Systems" by Steven Daly, and I was provided with training information from IVECO who train their own staff. By the time I had digested all this information and the book by Steven Daly I felt reasonably confident that I had sufficient knowledge to attend a training course.

I contacted a local training provider who spent about 20 minutes talking and listening to me about air con systems, then he decided that I had sufficient knowledge to do the online assessment. I completed the assessment successfully and the trainer took me into the training school to be trained, or at least I thought, this is the point I became confused because he already had a refrigerant station setup and all he asked me to do was carry out some leak checks. He asked me a few questions about cylinder filling etc and then passed me on the course. I left feeling confused because I thought the training would have been hands on, which it wasn't, so now I am left researching and learning the systems on my own.

I have searched for air con forums previously with very little success, so I am glad I have found this forum and hope I can learn a lot from you guys, this subject is very new to me.

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Re: Introduction

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Thanks for sharing the post here.
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