Contact cleaner for a DIY evaporator flush

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Contact cleaner for a DIY evaporator flush

Postby Al9 » Tue May 26, 2020 12:28 pm

Hi everyone. About to get a second hand evaporator for my car. Planning to keep it as a spare just in case something somehow goes wrong with the old one. It's a parallel flow Denso design, aluminum, typical of early 2000s Jap cars. Evaporator replacement looks really easy on my car. I'd like to flush any old oil out and then store it with the ports capped, but all i have at hand right now is a can of contact cleaner and a LPG gas duster can.

I've read my contact cleaner's SDS thoroughly and it appears to be about 60% isopropyl alcohol and 40% hexane. Should be a good evaporative flush solvent for PAG oil.

I'm planning about getting some contact cleaner inside a port and then pushing it out with the gas duster and catching the oil+contact cleaner in a container, both directions, then let a good flow of gas duster through and then let it dry.

Is this a feasible idea or should i better buy a proper evaporative AC flush agent? Is the isopropyl alcohol going to corrode the passages inside the evaporator even at room temperature? Thanks

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