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Flushing the evap

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:50 pm
by iXod
2004 Mazda 3 R134a system wouldn't cool. Gauges show low side going into vacuum. Obvious txv plugged. Suspected grenaded compressor so examined a little oil from the system and it's dark. No particles but that doesn't give me any hope.

Will replace all major components: comp, cond, dryer, valve, and flush all lines and evap.

My question is about flushing the evap. It uses a block type txv which bolts to the evap deep in the dash. How do you flush it? Can't flush with txv installed (which would give convenient lines under the hood to connect flush equipment). Without txv connected, there are just 2 holes in the air box that lead to the evap:

How do I flush the evap without contaminating the whole passenger compartment?

Thanks for your help.