Best Way to Seal Evaporator in Evaporator Plenum?

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Best Way to Seal Evaporator in Evaporator Plenum?

Postby ArcticFox22 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:35 pm

Part 1 of my problem/question is... I'm replacing all of the a/c components in my 88 Thunderbird with parts that are optimized for r134a and have a question for those of you, who are in the know, about the best way to ensure a good seal between the housing of the new evaporator I'm going to install and the evaporator plenum, when I put the evaporator in the plenum. The evaporator I'm replacing had a foam seal wrapped around it, but that seal is in such bad shape, I don't want to reuse it. Would it work if I bought a roll of 1 inch wide by 1/8" thick foam insulation tape and used that? I see that you can get it on Amazon in light density as well as medium density.

Part 2 of my problem/question is figuring out how to seal the corrugated ends of the new evaporator so that air doesn't leak around the evaporator, instead of blowing through it, like it's supposed to. If you look at the pictures below, you'll be able to see exactly what I'm talking about. I thought about cutting thin pieces of the foam insulation tape and using those pieces to fill the corrugated channels before wrapping a band of the foam insulation tape around the evaporator.

I realize I'm being a lot more particular about trying to block any airflow from leaking around the new evaporator, but since I'm spending so much on new parts, to do redo my a/c system, I want to maximize the cooling performance of the new system.

Thanks for any wisdom you can share with me on the best way to handle this!

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