Mitsubishi Delica 1994

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Mitsubishi Delica 1994

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Hello all,

My first post here so hopefully its in the right place.

My 1994 Mitsubishi van has dual air con. The system functions perfectly when only the front is on OR when only the back is on. As soon as both are on together it warms up at the vent. Very frustrating... The system has a new compressor, new transfer valves, new receiver dryer, both condensers and evaporators have been removed and flushed. It has new fans on both condensers.

The high side pressure is off the chart. So much so it is blowing gas past the first o-ring on the output side of the compressor. Can't figure out why the heck its building so much pressure. Maybe too much oil? But it has the recommended amount. Overcharge? Well, it has the recommended charge. Air flow over the condenser? Have tried water misting which made no difference. Every component has been dismantled and checked for blockages. Have used compressed air to flow test the back pressure anywhere. Have even tried a replacement compressor in case the new one was difference.

Confusing part is that it works perfectly if front only or rear only....any thoughts appreciated...thanks in advance.
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