Custom system Pag Oil and Refrigerant

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Custom system Pag Oil and Refrigerant

Post by Vetteman61 »

Hello all,

I have a '78 Caprice which I have heavily modified. All components on the AC system are new and it will be converted to 134a. I now have a Sanden 508 compressor (original was a GM A6) and an aftermarket, heavy duty parallel flow condenser.
The instructions say that the new compressor has come with enough Pag Oil for a standard system. I'm not sure how to calculate how my system would compare now that I have added a bigger condenser and the new compressor. How do I know if I need to add new Pag Oil and how do I know how much refrigerant to install.

I have seen on other posts where they explain how to slowly add more refrigerant until certain parameters are met, however I don't have that much faith in the shops here that will be added the 134a. I'd like to find a way to calculate how many pounds I will need in the system ahead of time so I can tell a shop exactly how much to add.

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Re: Custom system Pag Oil and Refrigerant

Post by Tim »

You have enough oil in the Sanden compressor for your system with the condenser. By using a PF condenser you should be able to charge the system close to the OEM amounts. Bottom line the upgraded condenser is doing the work for you.
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