Specific procedures for charging/evaluation - How? Where? What?

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Specific procedures for charging/evaluation - How? Where? What?

Post by TheBTR »

I searched the forums, but didn't find what I'm looking for. Can someone reply with the following information? Thanks for your help.

When charging (using a charging chart, not by refrigerant weight) a single evaporator R-134a system that has 2 blowers (one for the front seats, one for the back seats --- e.g., 2000 Ford Explorer) and/or evaluating the system's performance (by gathering temperature and pressure readings), what is the CORRECT procedure for each of the following:

1. Vehicle should be parked in the shade - yes or no?
2. All doors and windows should be open, or closed - which one?
3. A/C should be on recirculate - yes or no?
4. Both blowers (front and rear; single evaporator system) should be on - yes or no?
5. Blowers should be on high, or medium - which one?
6. Engine should be at idle, or at 1500 RPM - which one?
7. Ambient temperature should be measured at the blower return in the passenger-side foot well, or anywhere outside of the vehicle, or directly in front of the condenser - which one?
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Re: Specific procedures for charging/evaluation - How? Where? What?

Post by Tim »

Sad to say the procedure has gotten lost in the different server moves. I'll put it on my list of things to do.

Right after I answer the email for the person requesting I list all or0ings for his compressor. So he can source them on the internet.

This may need to be done sooner than later. Quick search and all you get is the magic can applications with their single-hose instructions.
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