95 Dodge B2500 conversion front and rear AC.

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95 Dodge B2500 conversion front and rear AC.

Postby jeepsteve92xj » Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:47 am

I have a 95 Dodge B2500 conversion van with front and rear AC. Only one temperature control, and two cabin fans.
Previous owner said he had replaced the gasket at the expansion block and then topped up the system - no vacuum or gauges.
I have added more R-134a AC Pro (with stop leak.) At idle.
Without a tach, I don't have a reliable way to hold 2000RPM, but I am working on that.
I also felt like the valve was not sealing in the port, which I read on this forum that they all leak some. I found a cap and screwed it on tight.

For more than 2 years, the behavior has stayed the same. At MAX settings, my vent temp is below 40F. If I bump the temperature control up just a tiny bit, my vent temp is in the 60's.

:?: Is there a rear expansion block? These conversion systems are walled up during the build so it is nearly impossible to access. Occasionally the rear fan wont start but other times it runs just fine, and has never blown a fuse - I'm hoping to find a loose connection.

I would prefer to be able to moderate the temperature rather than feeling like stepping from a freezer to the desert.

I believe I can borrow a set of gauges and possibly a vacuum pump.

:?: Maybe I should replace the block and drier and try to refill the system?

With the grand-kids on board this is more important that if it were me by myself.

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