retro fit custom setup problems

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retro fit custom setup problems

Postby tiger » Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:34 pm


. I have a couple questions that hopefully someone may be able to assist with. ive almost completed a custom modern setup for an old volvo and these the problems that remain

- using a sanden style sd508 (supposed to be for a Jeep Wrangler) which I believe is the same as a 240 compressor. does anyone know the fitting sizes for these I think its 1-1/16" and 15/16" based on the seals that are covering the ports

-where would I mount an orifice tube(is there a way to know which size is suited to my setup and in a soft line rather than a hardline) and where to mount a high pressure cut out (the low is already in the 240 gm style drier receiver). someone told me this acts as both a high and low cut off switch

- I assume that wiring the cut off switches just involves wiring them to the compressor so that they will cycle it on or off due to varying pressure

- will an A/C shop be able to work out the required amount either freon or HC required given the system doesnt have a known capacity since the condenser(parallel flow) is universal and lines custom length.

I hope to recharge with a hc refrigerant as from what ive read it is much more efficient and despite going for a parallel flow condenser I could only fit a 21x12 inch one due to restricted space behind the 164 grille.

any help on these questions is once again appreciated


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