Driving car with VDC and no refrigerant

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Re: Driving car with VDC and no refrigerant

Postby ice-n-tropics » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:43 am

Agree with Detroit to disengage compressor shaft from pulley if possible because oil will not circulate w/o refrigerant
Many condenser extruded tube designs incorporate a thicker tube wall on the leading edge to prevent rock punctures but you had a really tough bug
Clutchless VDC displacement is reduced to 1 to 3% with A/C in off mode but friction heat is undesirable and may cause wear on long drives
After condenser replacement you could use my method of installing a screen in front of the condenser as I do to prevent bugs and weed seeds from lodging in the fins (and puncturing tubes). Cleaning bugs and seeds is difficult and high pressure spray can damage fins (and difficult from the back side due to electric fan shrouds).
Wish OEM s would offer screens and make easier access for cleaning but they don't give a BFRA, just make the fins and tubes more fragile (and cheaper)!

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