condinser too hot

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Re: condinser too hot

Postby mk378 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:15 am

I think 18 oz. Consult the service manual or look for a sticker under the hood.

Use of a larger condenser will change these amounts only slightly.

Oil should not be added routinely. When the refrigerant leaks out or is removed by a recovery machine, very little oil typically escapes with it, so the subsequent recharge should be just refrigerant. In order to get rid of oil you need to take the system apart and drain or flush the parts.
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Re: condinser too hot

Postby xxbgxx » Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:50 pm

first of all thanks alot for everyone for their help this forum is a life money and time saver. :D

Just an update for anyone how faces the same problem .

i just removed the rear fan and put the original fan .... huge difference 10c drop at the condenser and 5 inside the car so i cant ask for more for now (20c temp difference and 60c condinser temp.) , but lesson learned next time i service the ac i will make sure about the amount of gas and oil .

now am running 2 extra slim Chinese fans in-front and the original fan in the rear , those fans are way over rated , i think its the motori will check the current draw when i have time but they are only to be used as extra .

thanks again for everyone .

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