Excursion cool, not cold

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Excursion cool, not cold

Postby Daves Garage » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:05 am

Its been a while since I have posted and it seems all of my old posts are gone now but Ive been having difficulties getting my Excursion AC to cool properly. I recently replaced every component on the system, used the 14 ounces of Pag and also to the ounce of what the manufacturer suggests. I know that isnt always the best but at least its a good starting point. Ive rad that a dual air system doesnt quite get the low side as low as a regular system, is this true? Mine does not go below low to mid 40's and highs of 275 (On a 110 degree day in Phoenix). While the truck is moving, the system seems to do decently (52F) but as soon as you turn the rear air on it doesnt do very well (60F). BUT, if the sun is setting or down then the system will freeze you to the bone (40F). Brisk cold!

Fan clutch and fan are good, used a parallel flow condenser too. Not sure what the issue is but it doesnt like sunlight. Temps could be the same, over 100F during the day and the AC is not very good, 100F between dusk and dawn the AC will get very cold.

Any thoughts?

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