SD7H15 enhanced as direct replacement?

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SD7H15 enhanced as direct replacement?

Postby PLohr » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:50 am

I am planning to purchase a replacement compressor for our truck. It is a 2003 Ram 3500 with the diesel engine. Pretty sure it has the SD7H15 compressor (original). Are there any reasons that I should be considering the enhanced version of the SD7H15 compressor? I really have no complaints about the non-enhanced version. Cooling performance has been great and reliability has been very good. At 167,000 miles two of the thin metal straps broke on the front clutch plate and the bearing became a little noisy.

Not sure if it matters but the truck uses an orifice tube.

Thank you for any help.
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Re: SD7H15 enhanced as direct replacement?

Postby ice-n-tropics » Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:35 am

SD7H15 Enhanced provides 12% better cooling by opening suction an discharge valves wider and also reducing re expansion of gas left in cylinder at TDC before suction down stroke. My original goal was to provide better cooling for diesel sleeper cab big rigs and off road vehicles. This model is 10% nosier but not noticeable on loud diesel vehicles so not the best choice for quiet cars. Also, if you can get a model with a rubber toroidal (donut) damper instead of leaf springs, clutch life is much better.

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