Weird charging problem

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Weird charging problem

Postby tab a » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:17 am

I recently bought a '99 F150 with only 131K miles, and non-working a/c. Found the system low on R134, added dye, and found evidence the compressor was leaking. When running, after adding some R134, max high side pressure was about 55 IIRC.

Replaced the compressor, accumulator and orifice tube. Did NOT flush the system, as the oil looked very clean and orifice tube was hardly dirty. There was one very tiny sliver of aluminum on the orifice tube which I (foolishly?) ignored.

System held vacuum fine so tried to add R134 to low side. Didn't seem to pull as much in as I'd expect. To make a long story MUCH shorter, with compressor running, I never could get the low side static pressures to fall. High side pressures might start at 85 static and rise to 140 max then gradually fall to 125 or so. Also had a lot of trouble getting the system to draw in R134. Had to add liquid to high side after vacuuming.

I then opened the system and flushed the condensor: mildly dirty oil and a few (10-15?) less than salt grain sized specs of dirt or metal. Flushed evaporator: clean.

My thinking now is the compressor is no good. If that sounds likely, did it start that way, or did I kill it? :oops: It seems like if I did it, from contamination, it would have had to happen almost immediately as I never did get good suction into the low side port.

Or is there another problem I'm missing?


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