2006 Civic DX AC not working

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Re: 2006 Civic DX AC not working

Postby ice-n-tropics » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:40 am

Dead reckoning for computer think:
1) charge is too low or high causing abnormally high discharge gas temp. Yes, scroll system low charge results in high temp discharge as charge is lost down to aprox. 12%,
2) fans not working
3) limp home mode over ride due to drive line problem or radiator temp.
4) If diode failed clutch would never engage
5) corroded under hood computer terminals or bad grounds.
6) You changed TPS thermal protector but no change. This is tricky because residual thermal RTV under base of TPS mounting will dent base of bimetal TPS and cause false premature cycling. if water finds a way under TPS and freezes the TPS base will distort and premature cycle.
7) Non OEM fan control could have false signal to computer or back EMF due to fan voltage generation (which is main reason for diodes).
That's all I can help.

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