1999 VW Beetle oil capacity

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1999 VW Beetle oil capacity

Postby jeepsj » Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:26 pm


R&R compressor due to bad bearing on the outside of the clutch. System was working well. Because I had it open, I'm replacing the expansion valve and receiver/drier at the same time. Compressor sump had over 2oz of oil in it (almost 2.5oz recovered). There was at least 3 oz that dumped all over the place when I removed the expansion valve. Receiver didn't have any oil that I could recover and measure. Compressor, which is an aftermarket, has a label calling for 4.5oz of Pag46. Vehicle sticker says total oil capacity is 4.5oz. I know I got more than 4.5oz out of the system, and that is not including anything left in the lines or the condenser and evaporator. Oil I did pull out was nice and clean and clear.

Is it safe to assume that the sticker on the compressor is for full system capacity and was not asking for 4.5oz in the compressor along with the 4.5oz for the rest of the system? Also safe to assume that they had the system overfull with oil?

Since I got so much out, I was planning to put 4.5oz back in, with 3oz in the compressor and the rest into the receiver/dryer. Thought process being that I'm putting less in than I got out. Though still may be overfilled, it won't be as overfilled as it was. I don't have the time to flush everything right now and start fresh.


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