Bad Compressor??

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Bad Compressor??

Postby Phydeaux1 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:35 pm

2007 Jaguar s-type V6, 117k miles.

Compressor is original and I am wondering if its gone bad at low rpm. I have replaced the dryer element, vacuum the system for an hour and refilled it correct amount of Freon and I'm still get the same readings. Radiator cooling fan is working, car does not have an orface tube, its an expansion valve.
Could these readings indicate a bad compressor??

At Idle: Low Side 55 High side 150 (Low side never goes under 55 at any time, sometimes up to 65) Dash vent air slightly cold.

Holding throttle at 2000rpm: Low Side 55 High side 280. (Dash vent air much colder)

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