Orifice tube/condensor/evap, temps

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Orifice tube/condensor/evap, temps

Postby Bond » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:10 am

I used to do R12
Chevy full size van.
I used to add a little freon every few years. I was not feeling well so
I asked the garage to add some freon.
They put in Artic Freeze. Then I had problems. Took it to another shop.
They said they removed it. They found the valve was leaking.
The dye I see in it but I don't know if they purged the system.
(Guy that did it, shop changed owners right after I took it also)
They said they put a can with dye/freon and oil.
Not sure I want to spend more money or time on it.
Was thinking of checking temp with a infrared thermometer before and after the orifice tube. To see if it is cloged.
Maybe I can use infared temp gauge to see big changes in temp in the condenser.
Then I can tell if clogged.
I got the idea from Scotty Kilmer on YouTube.

-If I check the orifice tube with the infared thermometer I should see big change from inlet to outlet?
-Anyway I can check the evaporator to see if it is clogged?
-if I just change the orifice tube should I use higher performance for hotter temps?
It has been very muggy, feels hotter than is.
Thank you

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