High pressure service valve

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High pressure service valve

Postby stiches » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:02 pm

Hi all. I have a 1993 s-10 that I am replacing all a/c components & will be converting to 134. On the high pressure line I would like to replace the service valve as it appears the valve inside can't be replaced. It looks like ac delco 15-5438 could work. Does anyone know if this one will work I would also replace with new r-12 style if new. Or would a 134 adaptor have a schrader valve inside so I wouldn't have to worry about this one leaking ? Thanks in advance to any help on this download/file.php?mode=view&id=176https://autoacforum.com/download/file.php?mode=view&id=175https://autoacforum.com/download/file.php?mode=view&id=174
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