Noise from new compressor

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Noise from new compressor

Postby hcanning » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:01 am

Hi all,

I had a new compressor fitted yesterday, as well as a new condenser (and receiver/dryer), and a thorough flush of the system.

Acccording to the AC technician everything appears to be working perfectly, and it certainly seems so - good vent temps (around 6c) and good pressures - 30psi low and around 180-190 high. It has the correct amount of the correct oil, and refrigerant.

But I've noticed that as the compressor engages (it's a variable displacement compressor and so presumably when it's "called upon"), it makes a bit of a whining/grinding noise, which stops as the displacement drops back to zero.

If I put the temp to "lo" and max the interior fans so that it doesn't "variably displace" and just is on max cool, the noise stays constant.

Here's a youtube link to the noise that I managed to record:

Should I be worried? Is it going to fail completely in a matter of days, or will it last long enough until we sell the car in a couple of months' time? Or will the bearings "bed in" and the noise stops after a while?

I've always noticed noise from previous compressors on this car, but this just seems a bit louder, loud enough for me to go "wtf?"

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Re: Noise from new compressor

Postby JohnHere » Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:59 pm

You've been through a lot with this A/C already. In my humble opinion, the sound is normal for a variable displacement compressor.

The compressor itself is new, the oil amount is correct, the pressures are good, it's charged with the specified amount and type of refrigerant, and vent temps are in the low-40's (F). Not much more one could ask of a well functioning mobile A/C system.

I would really be surprised if you had any more mechanical problems with it. At this point, I would just drive it and enjoy the cool comfort.

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