Ecotechnics ECK 750-UP Oil problem?

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Ecotechnics ECK 750-UP Oil problem?

Postby SimpleCarServicing » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:19 am


I wonder if anyone could help, I have an Ecotechnics ECK 750-UP machine. I have looked through the manual and done lots of googling however I cannot seem to work it out.

When I done my training on MACs, the machine I used asked how much oil to inject and done this whilst filling with refrigerant. My machine has nothing like this in the software menu.
I know the machine can inject oil as there is a new oil bottle on the left hand side of the machine.

Above the new oil bottle is a little ball valve, which presumably turns on/off the oil. The bottle also has a little scale on the side indicating how much is in the bottle. So from this I can probably assume you fill this bottle with the amount of oil you want to inject and it will mix with the refrigerant when being injected into the vehicle?

So I turn the oil valve on, go through the automatic procedure, it does the recovery, creates and holds a vacuum. It then goes on to fill the vehicle with refrigerant. This is where it goes pete tong. The refrigerant seems to enter the new oil bottle, spits out everywhere and doesn't actually go into the vehicle but rather evaporates into the air leaving a nice frosty oil bottle. Now I know this isn't right.

So I turn the oil valve off and go through the procedure. Everything goes swimmingly well and refrigerant is injected into the vehicle. But surely this means no oil has actually been injected?

Can anyone shed any light on this, or am I missing something tottaly obvious and being a buffoon?

Many thanks

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