Ford E6DH compressor

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Re: Ford E6DH compressor

Postby Grunt » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:28 pm

Hi Boxica2x0

I am back for another explanation. My 1992 Ford E350 with front AC only has sticker on evaporator fan says 4.75 pound of R12. I know that a conversion to R134A is only 80 percent of that amount, or 3.8 pounds. Converted to ounces (at 16 weight oz. per pound) equals 60.8 ounces. But I found this site that specifies only 56 ounces

( Four ounces seems a large discrepancy to me.

So now I am wrapped around the axle researching whether to inject weight or fluid ounces, and how many 12 ounce cans of R134A does that amount to? The can is 340 grams, which is weight measure. Also, it seems that 4.7 cans or more is an excessive amount of R134a for this system.

If you could unravel this math, it would be greatly appreciated. Dizzy! :?


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