1981 OEM condenser

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1981 OEM condenser

Postby Dave in Texas » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:52 am

Earlier this year I decided to completely rebuild the AC system in my '81 F100, keeping it R12. While it was still cool, I rebuilt the in-dash vacuum control system which solved some pesky vac loss problems.
Intending to use all new parts I found a NOS condenser and NOS evaporator, changed the compressor and accumulator. System has been working fine since completing the project.
Question is about the '81 condenser. Prior to finding an NOS condenser I had the old one pressure tested and water vat tested. It passed overnight w/200psi N and no bubbles when vat-dunked the next morning. Not until some time afterward did I think to ask the rebuilder if they flushed the thing out before testing. Nope, only blew shop air to see if there was any oil in it.
The old condenser passed the tests, but I'm wondering if it could be used by someone who had the need? Never had a black-death problem when it was still in service.
The new condenser came with a in-line filter in the liquid line outlet port. Old condenser never had one. Why wouldn't that filter be in the comp side? (stilllearning)

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