Rebuilding my V5. How do you add the Oil?

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Rebuilding my V5. How do you add the Oil?

Post by Chriskc »

Rebuilding another V5. I know I have to add to the Accumulator and the Compressor after the build but I can't remember how much to add to these parts. I flushed the system so there isn't any in there at all. The compressor label said 7 ounces, searched online and found my model/year car holds 9 ounces.
Anyone know the amounts to add to each part?
The car is a 1999 Oldsmobile 88 3.8 Liter.
Thank you!
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Re: Rebuilding my V5. How do you add the Oil?

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Did you know that at the assembly plant that the entire system oil charge- 9 ozs was in the belly of the compressor upon compressor install and was pumped out of the compressor at engine start-up??? So now you are worried about where to put it?? Don't be. Every compressor ever installed on any car has always had its first start up with a belly full of oil. But since you want to know differently- you can put 4 ounces in compressor and the remainder in the accumulator- just for fun.
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