Can you help me?

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Can you help me?

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2013 VW Beetle, 2.5l

My kid did not tell me the ac was out so I truly have no idea how long it had been out when I started this project.

I read online about how the RCV valve has problems on these cars. I replaced it, the ac ran great for about a week-ten days. My reads where 45 and 200 in 90 degree heat. Now the ac works at random times. Two Sundays back it was chilling to 42 degrees. This past sunday it chilled to 70, readings where 50 / 225 in 90 degree heat. I turn off the car and come to check it again 2 hours later and it is blowing 102 degrees...readings are 90 and 150. Checked it this am 45 and 200 in 85 degrees, it was 65 degrees.

When I replaced the RCV valve I did a full vacuum for 1 hour and then let it set under vacuum for about an hour and had no leakage, then I installed the factory amount of 134a.

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am not a pro at this, just trying to learn.
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