Help with 2009 Nissan Murano AC problem

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Help with 2009 Nissan Murano AC problem

Postby oldpops » Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:48 am

Hi All! I have need of some help and advice on an air conditioning issue with my daughter's 2009 Murano. Her air worked great up until a few weeks ago. Then one day when she went to turn it on - HOT air. She is a teacher on a very limited income so she brought home for me to look at to see if I could fix it. Well, we don't have a Murano repair manual but my first hunch was that she needed a recharge. I got a can of the R134A (with the gauge) from Walmart and when I went to fill it, the can went right into the red on the gauge?? We had the engine on and the ac on full so I didn't know what the problem was. A little research online indicated it could mean the ac clutch wasn't coming on and off (for various reasons). So, we turned the engine on again with the ac on high and checked but it is very hard to see the ac compressor, and where we live it is very noisy so I couldn't tell if the clutch was coming on and going off. Some of the suggestions on the internet advise checking the fuses and relay. Well, there isn't much of a fuse panel description in her owners manual, nor could we find one online. However, we do see there is a 10 amp fuse in the junction box in the engine compartment that says it is for the ac, but it tests good. I couldn't find any information on any ac relay so I don't know where it is, or if there even is one, although I can't believe there wouldn't be an ac relay. Does anyone know?

So, I am an old guy who can't see too well, nor can I move around much, but I am hoping some of you folks here can help us out. I would like to know what things I can check next and where to look. Is there an AC relay on this 2009 Murano and if so, where is it? Are there any more air conditioning fuses or fusable links to check? I have also read where there could be an issue with a pressure switch, but I don't know where to look for it, nor how to test it- can someone advise? I also saw a few videos on you-tube where guys force the a/c coil to engage but I am not sure if that is good for the compressor. In any event, my daughter doesn't have the money to take it to an a/c mechanic, and we are on a limited income so we can't pay for it either. That is why I am hoping there is some more things I can do to check to see if it is a quick fix, or a least not too expensive.

Thanks to all in advance for your help and advice.

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