switching from HT6 to a different type of compressor

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switching from HT6 to a different type of compressor

Postby Craigs2 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:15 pm

The Delphi 6628 compressor on my 17 year old Silverado is leaking according to a dye test.

I was planning to replace it with a UAC CO 20145C. The UAC website says that the CO20145C is an acceptable replacement and is an HT6, although they do not list the Delphi6628 under its cross-references.

But UAC also prepared a technician service advisory on the HT6 compressor:

https://uacparts.com/Downloads/The%20Ge ... r%20v3.pdf

In the advisory, the suggest two alternatives: CO 20151C and CO 4440C

Which would you recommend:
CO 20145C (HT6)
CO 20151C (Nippondenso-like alternative)
CO 4440C (Sanden-like alternative)

If I installed one of the alternatives, would I need to change anything else on my system?

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