Frustrating 2010 Jeep Grand with 5.7

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Re: Frustrating 2010 Jeep Grand with 5.7

Postby DetroitAC » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:19 am

I work for a tier1 A/C supplier.
Those are Denso compressors 10SRE18C should mean (10 pistons, SRE (internal Denso Description), 180cc/rev, Clutched)

20 should be a 200cc/rev displacement.

You should stick with the correct compressor for your vehicle.

Leaks are not easy sometimes, and I never test for leaks with a vacuum, and certainly not with a $5 cheap gauge. My sniffers in my lab are about 10 or 15 times more sensitive than a cheapo sniffer, and it's still difficult sometimes. For low budget leak detecting it's hard to beat soap bubbles and patience.

If you've taken it to a shop, he'll likely put the sniffer tube in the evap drain to check for a leak there.

Not that it matters, but your gauge is not measuring in psi on the vacuum side, it's inches of mercury.

Hope you find your leak, but if you don't I agree that UV dye, a blacklight and some patience usually will reveal the leak.
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Re: Frustrating 2010 Jeep Grand with 5.7

Postby Ryan1776 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:31 am

Erik! In Detroit huh! Cool.
Thank you for decoding the Denso numbers. I do appreciate that!

I put 225psi into the system with a cylinder and closed the main valve, left the adjustment valve open to monitor leak down.
Sprayed soapy water everywhere for about 35 min checking and watching. Nothing. And the line never lost pressure.
Which as someone pointed out before, could be a shaft seal and depending on where the shaft rests might allow it to seal under that high of pressure but when it runs it won't hold. Seems reasonable.
And why I'm holding out hope that it's NOT the evap, although I'm not convinced.

100% with you that the cheap sniffers aren't great, but I was thinking hey, it's pretty good leak, maybe it'll catch it.

You are correct, and I knew it's in inHg. Just being dumb! :? :D

I have to ask, any chance you have re-seal kit for this one??? ;)
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Re: Frustrating 2010 Jeep Grand with 5.7

Postby Ryan1776 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:21 am

It's the evap core.

So besides the obvious, evap core and heater core swap, what else would you change since you're in there?
I was thinking the blower motor. I don't know how strong they are supposed to be, I mean it blows air, but no where near the volume of my wife's new car. Malibu for reference.

I found a video of a company changing a heater core, but not the evap. Does the whole HVAC assembly have to come out as well to get to the evap core?
I'm assuming it does. And I'm seriously debating just having someone do it. Only because I don't want waste a weekend.
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Re: Frustrating 2010 Jeep Grand with 5.7

Postby Tim » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:13 am

Ryan1776 wrote:Does anyone have a link to where I can buy a rebuilt O-ring and seal kit for this compressor?

Also, can anyone help me determine the difference between two different compressor numbers I have found?

Rock Auto shows a 10SRE18C from GPD manufacture and a 10SRE20C from 4 Seasons.

Dang we don't even get an Honorable mention?

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