The ac in my 07 Hyundai Santa Fe

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The ac in my 07 Hyundai Santa Fe

Post by Reddneck254 »

I just bought the car and the compressor runs when you turn on the AC but it blows hot air. First thing I thought was the expansion valve so I changed it, vacuumed it down and charged it but still the same problem. I took it back off and blew air thru the evaporator and was no blockage. The cabin air filter has been changed also. Can someone please help? It's hot!
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Re: The ac in my 07 Hyundai Santa Fe

Post by tbirdtbird »

Changing out the TXV without doing any diagnostics can be frustrating.
Assuming it has the proper weighed in charge at this time, report back with the following data so we can do a proper diagnosis:
We need
ambient, hi psi , lo psi both at 1500-1800 RPM, vent temp using a thermometer, ac set to max cool, max fan, doors open (full load test)

EDIT: Oh, yes, thanks, John, and how did you evacuate, a vac pump with an electric motor?
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Re: The ac in my 07 Hyundai Santa Fe

Post by JohnHere »

Several questions here, but the first few are:
How did you evacuate it?
How did you charge it?
Did you check for re-heating?
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