Ford Ranger Compressor Cutting Out

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Re: Ford Ranger Compressor Cutting Out

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"So if I used an infrared thermometer I'd be looking for the temperature difference between the condenser inlet & outlet?"

Of course. The job of the condenser is to give up the heat that was absorbed from the cabin! It changes the hot vapor state 134 back to liquid 134 (ie condenses the vapor) to start the cycle all over again.
This value does not depend on the specific car. There should be at least a 25F temp drop, 30F is better. All coils no matter the application, should be able to produce a 30F temp drop. The outdoor unit (coil) for your home AC will have a 30F drop across it.

You want to learn AC? Do both tests.

There are many overcharged AC systems out there simply because most 'technicians' equate poor AC performance with the system being low on refrigerant. ie they are not capable of a proper diagnosis. See it all the time, even on residential. I do both MVAC and residential. I believe JohnHere does also.
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