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Re: Stumper for the experts

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That's an Egelhof valve, I used them back in early 2000s. I machined an adjusting tool with a plastic bushing that would mate with the round portion of the body and a single pin. Drilling would be dicey, the spring is inside a recessed bore in that brass piece, the brass is kept to a minimum thickness. I suppose if you drilled only as deep as the existing hole it would be ok, but brass is grabby, will grab the drill bit and pull it in. I could machine a tool for you, or you could make a tool, would have higher probability of not messing up the TXV that way
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Re: Stumper for the experts

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Thanks, I get it now, the bushing mates with the round portion of the body and stabilizes the tool as the pin sits in the hole, allowing you to turn it.
We have lathe capability here.

I'll keep you posted.
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