Buick New Compressor does not build High side pressure

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Buick New Compressor does not build High side pressure

Post by kyguy »

Got a 2003 Buick. Replaced the Compressor with a new one and new Orfice tube and new Pressure Switch. Pulled a Vac on it for an Hour. Started filling with 134. High side pressure will not go above 30 Lbs. Have 30 on Low. Thought I might have a bad gauge, Changed gage sets and still under 40 High Side. Additional info< Lines get barely Cool and Hot in the area of the Orfice tube. The area of the compressor the line is hot. The Gauge readings tell me I still have a Bad Compressor. Hi on low side 40, Low on the high side 40.But it is new. 2 other things, The compressor clutch engages when the Ac is turned on and does not cycle off and on at all. The radiator fans do not come on when the AC is turned on.
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Re: Buick New Compressor does not build High side pressure

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In cases like this, I always ask what your vendor has stated about your issue. The reason is it's not advisable for someone here to post, bad compressor based on minimal information. Then have that comment used in dealing with suppliers. Also, when you say new compressor, new as in new Delco model or new rebuilt model?

Complete vehicle info is not listed.
I assume it is a V5 model, which will never cycle.

I would ask what was your charging procedure? How much refrigerant was needed, 2 ounces or 20?
No mention of accumulator change. Can I assume you left oil in the system and swapped parts?

With limited information, I was thinking about how I would approach this "defective" compressor. My concern would be the control valve, reversed OT, and or oil and debris issue.

Fans may not be kicking on as pressure is not high enough to trip relay.
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Re: Buick New Compressor does not build High side pressure

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Static pressure is??? Sounds like you put in about 4 ozs by weight....not nearly enough..
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