Jeep Cherokee XJ A/C rebuild

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Jeep Cherokee XJ A/C rebuild

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I'm new here, so thanks for the add. I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ. The A/C didn't work when I got it in 2014. A check revealed no freon and a bad compressor clutch. I replaced the clutch and threw in a can of that A/C stop leak stuff and some PAG oil (the AC had probably been inop for years) and lo and behold, it blew nice and cold. I've been nursing it along by adding freon every summer, but last summer it started leaking the charge out in a matter of days. This year, I decided to fix it right, so I have a brand new OEM compressor, condenser, hoses, orfice tube, and drier. Everything but the evaporator, which is buried in the dash. I'm going to test it and find the leak before I take anything apart to verify that it's not the evaporator. If it is, I'll have to pull out the dash and replace it.

Here's my question: If the evaporator is NOT the source of the leak, is there a way to flush it clean so the new components won't be contaminated with the old oil and leak sealer stuff that's in there? Thanks for any advice.
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Re: Jeep Cherokee XJ A/C rebuild

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Unfortunately, sealer introduced into an A/C system does more harm than good...essentially clogging up just about everything. Since at this point you've committed to replacing all but the evaporator, I would take the extra step and replace the evap as well. You could try flushing it, but the only way to do it correctly, IMHO, is to remove it first. And even then, you might not get all the sealer out.

It's a lot of work getting into the dash, I know. But I would rather start with all-new components now rather than risk having to do the job all over again later should some of the sealer and old, contaminated oil wreak havoc on the other newly replaced components.

According to my references, your vehicle calls for 20.0 ounces of R-134a and 6.0 ounces of PAG-100. As always, if the under-hood decal differs, the decal takes precedence.
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