How to remove fan cage

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How to remove fan cage

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2010 cobalt, I am restoring the motor shaft as it binds/squeaks. How do you remove the blue fan cage from the shaft? I am guessing it just pops off as there is no clip/nut retaining it. But with some force, it is stubborn. should I add more force? Other tricks?
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Re: How to remove fan cage

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I've never worked on your specific vehicle, but my guess is that the plastic cage is a friction-fit on the steel shaft, which sometimes has a flat that aligns with a corresponding flat in the cage boss.

Since your car is around ten years old, there's probably some corrosion on the shaft that needs to be cleaned off with steel wool or the like before the cage will slide off.

I would clean-up the shaft, lube it sparingly with a light grease, and then try removing it again using only finger pressure. There will still be some resistance. A puller or some other mechanical means might damage or break the plastic.
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