recover/recycling machines

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recover/recycling machines

Post by Eddieg »

hello everyone, I want to put a recycling machine in my work van, will the bouncing and movement of a moving vehicle damage the internal scale and or the machine?
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Re: recover/recycling machines

Post by JohnHere »

I've never transported an RRR machine on a regular basis. But you might have to remove the tanks and carry them separately to reduce the possibility of damaging the machine. To be certain, I'd consult the manufacturer for their recommendations.
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Re: recover/recycling machines

Post by chrstopher007 »

It’s maybe harmful if you put your recycling machine continuously. Your machine could be damage. You should follow the advice of the manufacturing company
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Re: recover/recycling machines

Post by Tim »

Depends on the type of machine. They make portable machines.
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