Potentially useful info about 4seasons 68660 and similar compressors

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Potentially useful info about 4seasons 68660 and similar compressors

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Eventually found out that the replacement compressor that was fitted to my car is in fact a variation of the 4seasons 68660 Calsonic CSV613 type replacement compressor (different head and housing, same internals and clutch assembly). Though it's marketed by a different local company.

If you carefully look the pics, instead of the colorless control valve peculiar of Calsonic CSV compressors, this one seemingly comes with a red colored V5 compressor control valve, one that apparently features a 44 psi rating.

Since this was the wrong pressure rating for my car, and as a result cooling felt somewhat weak for a brand new compressor (though the refrigerant charge was ok), i decided to get a shop to exchange it with a common V5 blue 42 psi (OEM compressor pressure rating) one. I also supplied them the 3 o-rings that usually come with Calsonic CSV spare control valves, in case the one inside the comp turned out to be a different control valve.

Well, as the pics below show, in the end it turned out it's the same exact control valve used in V5 compressors. For some reason, the filter was missing (either deliberate choice or manufacturing oversight).

With the proper rating V5 type filter-equipped valve inside and the system recharged to specs, the compressor and the AC are now behaving perfectly and quietly in every heat load condition.

It has to be noted that in a TXV system the compressor will operate noisily if the control valve has a higher pressure rating than the one required by the car.
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