2013 ford Taurus curious question

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2013 ford Taurus curious question

Postby chris2cc77979 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:56 am

So a couple weeks ago I replaced my gf AC system in her 2013 ford Taurus...replaced compressor, condenser, expansion valve, dryer...the whole nine yards...vacuumed the system and charged it...(I put like 6oz of oil in the system...I am still unsure whether that was the right amount or not)

Everything seemed fine...a few days later I drove the car and noticed the ac was cool but not cold...so I thought heck let me add alittle more freon (these stretch of days it was like 100° degrees outside everyday)...I think it was two days later I ask her to bring me somthing to work and she calls me back saying her car was smoking...drove it to me (I work very close) and it was freon coming out somewhere around the compressor so assumed it was one of the connections on the compressor...

Today I am finally getting around to work on it and I hook up the vacuum expecting to have to look for a leak and ....wouldnt you know it dropped to -29 quick and stayed
..what gives? Anyideas?
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Re: 2013 ford Taurus curious question

Postby chris2cc77979 » Mon Jul 13, 2020 2:59 am

I need some help yall...I am trying to charge the AC that I mentioned in my post but the compressor wobt take any freon...I forced the clutch to engage but nothing...and after having the clutch engaged for a few mins the compressor is getting hot
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Re: 2013 ford Taurus curious question

Postby Tim » Mon Jul 13, 2020 7:49 am

So many things to look into. Make sure gauges are attached correctly.

The compressor could have popped the relief valve. Does not matter if it holds a vacuum now. You in some manner lost all the refrigerant.

I'm just reading your post. Back up a little.
How was the compressor replaced?
What preventative setups were taking?
What did the previous orifice tube look like?
How much oil was used in the repair?
what were pressure readings after repair?
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Re: 2013 ford Taurus curious question

Postby JohnHere » Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:21 am

As Tim alluded to in his questions, a couple of problems you might now have is the amount of refrigerant and oil in the system. This vehicle takes 26.0 ounces (weight) of R-134a and 7.0 ounces (fluid) of PAG-46, and they need to be exact. You didn't say whether you evacuated the system, how you charged the refrigerant, or how much you put in. If you didn't flush the evaporator and lines of old oil and drain the oil (if any) out of the compressor before putting in 6 ounces more, the system now has much too much oil in it. I think the smoking was actually refrigerant and oil released from the high-pressure relief valve (HPRV) due to excessive pressures.

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