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need advice new system

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:05 am
by nate4014
i have a 1999 camaro, and the compressor started leaking from the case. i replaced the compressor, the accumulator, the condenser, and the orifice tube. i took all the lines off and flushed out the old oil with ac flush from autozone. i didn’t remove the evaporator, but i poured in the flush and connected a clear hose to the high pressure outlet and blew through the low pressure hole. i noticed that the same amount wasn’t coming back out (i was using a strong air compressor) so i put in fresh oil and blew that out, it took 2 days of blowing and letting it sit then blowing more before nothing at all was coming out anymore. now when i’m going down the road it cools great but when i stop it heats up significantly, (my fans are working properly)... when i am sitting there if i rev up the engine and hold it, it will start cooling very well again until i let off. my idle pressure at 90 degree ambient temp is about 38/200, but at 2000 rpms the low is slightly higher but the high side gets closer to 280 and then the high fan will come on and drops it swiftly back down to 200, as soon as the fan kicks off it just as swiftly rises back up. the system calls for 9 oz of oil. the compressor already had 3 so i added 3 more to the compressor and 3 to the accumulator, vacuumed for an hour and put in correct amount of refrigerant.... is it possible that the evaporator still had a lot of oil left in it even though nothing else was blowing out? and now the system is logged with too much oil causing it to only flow properly at high rpms?any advice is appreciated thanks