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Project help

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Hello all, I'm hoping I can get a little assistance with a project. I am working on a 1990 S10 ext cab pickup, and need to run my AC compressor with an electric motor. The truck is getting a twin turbo big block which means I'm only going to have room for the engine. I can squeeze in an oversized alternator but that means giving up power steering, the AC compressor and the water pump. Instead, it will get an electric water pump, and a Flaming River inside firewall mounted EPS unit combined with Pinto steering rack. Sorry, no meaningful pictures right now.

In short, the only way to get air conditioning on this truck is going to mean putting the compressor under the bed, and run it with an electric motor. Sticking back there will also help move some of the weight to the rear. Even with an aluminum block and heads, it's going to be front heavy. If I can't make this work with an electric motor, the only AC I'll have is 2/65 AC, or one of those ice chests with a sack of ice and a fan. So, that being said...

I plan to use a 2000ish Japanese car compressor for this, but this is not set in stone. Every Japanese car I've been in has ice cold air, colder than the truck ever had, and the cab of my truck is roughly the same size as a Corolla or Sentra. What I am hoping to find out is what size electric motor would be needed to drive this compressor at an equivalent engine speed of 3000RPM. From what I've been able to find, this means spinning the compressor at 3600RPM. Anyone have any idea how much engine HP is used by one of these compressors? Or, how many ft lbs of torque is needed to keep one of these spinning that fast? This is the only part of the project I haven't been able to work out.

Before anyone asks why, the answer is because. :twisted:

Thanks, if anyone is able to help.
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