cutout switches

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cutout switches

Postby red beard » Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:32 pm

I am looking for a low pressure cut out switch that would fit this fitting. ... m-4063.htm

I found this... ... K3EATG0RV8

looks like it off below 20psi
and on above 40psi.
by the printing on its side...

does anyone know how to find one that fits the switch port that would have a narrower range, like 20 to 30psi? instead of the 20, 40?

I am building a 134a system that will chill a tank of water- the evaporator will be a submerged .049 wall 1/2" 3003 coil of aluminum tubing and would like to keep that evaporator at about 30 degrees, until the water in the tank gets down to about 33ish.

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