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Compressor Question

Postby FrankGRUN » Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:45 am

I'm struggling with the choice of compressor for a hybrid/custom installation. In the course of converting my 1982 Ford 7.5L engine from v-belt accessory drive to the poly-Vee or serpentine accessory drive of the 88-94 versions of this engine, I need to find a substitute for the 1982 OEM York 210 compressor. The newer serpentine system uses an aluminum bracket to mount both AC compressor and the power steering pump. This newer bracket uses a Direct Mount for the AC compressor. I'd like to use the original York hoses as there is little excess room in this E350 motorhome engine compartment. The York uses tube o-ring ports, so I have narrowed the compressor search to the Sanden 4475. The York compressor was mounted on its side with hoses exciting in the horizontal plane. The new mounting bracket mounts the compressor at a 45 degree angle to the horizontal.

So, for my question: Can the cylinder head (CBA) on the 4475 be clocked or rotated (I'm assuming the answer is no)? Or, is there another cylinder head compatible with the vertical tube o-ring ports that would more nearly exit in the horizontal plane taking into account the 45 degree rotation of the direct mount surface of the bracket?

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Compressor Question

Postby FrankGRUN » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:41 pm

Since there have been no replies or comments, I thought I'd pass on a few comments of my own based on hours of internet searching.

First of all, my question about clocking the cylinder head is quickly resolved. The symmetry of the rear bolt circle and the suction and discharge ports preclude any clocking approach.

Second, I had erroneously assumed that the Ford 88-94 7.5L aluminum mounting bracket merely took a standard AC compressor with a Direct Mount. This is also incorrect. The spacing of the bolt ports for the Ford Direct Mount derive from the mounting points for the Ford FS6 compressor. Examining the CAD drawing, the upper bolt set are spaced by 90 mm, while the lower set are 78 mm apart. Studying the Ford Parts Manuals, I found that all Factory installed AC compressors in this 88-94 model year window for the 7,5L engine are variants of the FS6 compressor. However, the Dealer installed AC compressor uses the same mounting bracket as the Factory install and uses a Sanden AC Compressor. The Ford Part Number is E8AZ 19703-A or F0TZ 19703-D. These correspond to the Sanden 4628, which seems to be listed as model 7501 and 8105. In addition, the Seltec TM15 direct mount compressors also fit the Ford bolt pattern mount.

I have from (junkyard source) the FS6 port adapter and hoses but would prefer the stay with the original York hose interface. Also, I have been told the Sanden SD7H15 units are superior to the FS6.

The only Sanden 4628, 7501, 8105 compressors I can locate have the JD rear cylinder head. The suction and discharge ports are #8 and #10 male insert o-ring. The York compressor I'm swapping out has Tube-O ports. Therefore, I'm looking for either a set of adapters to go from Tube-O to the JD male inserts, or I'll swap out the rear cylinder head with the CB type.

As I indicated before, the the Ford mounting surface of the AC bracket puts the Vertical output ports at about 45 degrees above the horizontal plane of the engine. My preference would be for a set of 45 degree adapters to let me re-establish the same mounting plane as the outgoing York compressor. Now a search for the proper adapters!

Any correcting or qualifying comments greatly appreciated!
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Re: Compressor Question

Postby CorvairGeek » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:14 am

Just rejoined after a long hiatus...

The class A (only) motorhome chassis uses the Sanden compressor rather than the Ford compressor, from around (at least as early as) '93 through the end of 460 production in mid '97. The class A chassis also used a ZF power steering with remote reservoir, so keep that in mind.
Hope this helps.
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