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HECAT on Wed November 26, 2008 8:58 AM User is offline

Transmission Oil Coolers will accumulate varnish deposits released from the oil during the many years and miles of heating and cooling cycles. Debris from a failed or failing unit will contaminate the cooler with clutch material and metal debris that will become bound by the sticky varnish and many time will almost completely block cooler flow. Back flushing the oil cooler with an effective energy enhanced method and solvent cleaner is required. Failure to do so will not provide proper OE designed cooling and fluid flow rates, and remaining debris can possibly release and contaminate or cause the failure of a new or remanufactured transmission.

Because late-model transmissions are characterized by closer tolerances, solenoid valves, computer controls, and OEM required flow tests; flushing a transmission oil cooler is a crucial, necessary, and required service practice when replacing a transmission. It is a requirement for warranty on any OEM or remanufactured unit you may need to install. Just one warranty failure denied by the supplier and/or absorbed in house, will many times cost more than the one time investment in an effective Transmission Oil Cooler Flusher; which ultimately provides a solid return on investment by eliminating comebacks, component warranty denials, lost time, expenses, and the “ill will” created when having to do the job over and over.

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