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1983 Ford F150 AC Restoration

Resto on Thu February 11, 2016 1:58 PM User is offlineView users profile

Year: 1983
Make: Ford
Model: F150
Engine Size: 302 V8
Refrigerant Type: R12
Ambient Temp: TBD
Pressure Low: TBD
Pressure High: TBD
Country of Origin: United States

Brand new member here! I joined up since I'm looking to resurrect the factory AC system on my son's 1983 F150 with a 302 v8 5.0. This is a huge undertaking I know but I'm ready learn. The truck is a father son project and we'd agreed the truck should have it's AC repaired but I want to do it myself and teach my son along the way too. The truck has factory installed AC but is missing the original compressor and the high low lines to and from the compressor. The system is presently setup for R12 and I want to convert it over to R134a. I'm only planning on buying these parts new: main low side suction hose to compressor, main high side discharge from compressor hose, replacement compressor(model?), accumulator, condenser and orifice tube.

Here's an initial question list:

1. Can I use the R134a Harbor Freight high low gauge on my old R12 system since I'll be utilizing R134a? Main concern will I be able to hook this setup into the old style high low connection ports? Can I buy adaptors?
2. Should I flush the existing evaporator core and the liquid hose after the condenser? If so how (compressed air?) and with what type of flush?
3. Can I use factory fill specs of R12 and compressor oil even though I'm converting to R134a? My Haynes AC service manual supplies specs for using R12
4. Will high and low side pressure readings of R134a be equal to those listed for R12?
5. Will this vacuum pump do the job (I have an 80 gallon, 170 psi beast
6. What compressor type / brand / model should I use? Best place to buy from...I've seen pricing from $150 to $320.00?
7. Would you recommend adding leak detection dye to the system during its first fill?
8. What orifice tube should I purchase: blue or red (red being used for 87 - 96 model years)
9. Are the prices here great?
10. When adding the initial charge/dye what is the best method for bleeding out the yellow intake line prior to deploying it into the system?
11. What dye would you recommend using?

Any concerns I missed please let me know. I appreciate anyone taking the time to help. It seems there's lots of products and information out there for pre-'80's vehicles and post '90's vehicles but the '80's is a giant void.

83 Ford F150 5.0 V8 - needs major ac repair

Dougflas on Fri February 12, 2016 5:22 AM User is offline

The vacuum pump you listed from Harbor Freight is just a small boat anchor. Do not waste your money. Make a this going to be your only system to work on? If yes, you can rent/borrow equipment from Autozone. If not, you can purchase decent equipment from this web site along with a book that explains the workings of the AC systems. You should replace all hose. You should upgrade the condenser. You will need to install new gauge port adaptors. You will need to install a high pressure cut out switch.

You'll get more info if you post under the Automotive Air Conditioning Forum section.

Edited: Fri February 12, 2016 at 5:24 AM by Dougflas

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