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USA EPA requirements pertaining to Auto A/C

Leggie on Wed April 16, 2014 5:42 AM User is offline

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It seems like some businesses do not understand the regulations. There's a slight difference in regulations for businesses.

In the USA, an automotive service facility must have a recovery equipment registered with the EPA. One tech having a license is not a site license. Each technician who handles refrigerant must have 609.

Anyone can buy 134a.
Nobody can release any refrigerant into the atmosphere.
609 required to purchase R-12

Businesses must own and register a recovery equipment to open a system holding a charge or to add refrigerant . These must be performed by 609 certified techs.

An example of permissible work is a body shop replacing the A/C system where the refrigerant has obviously leaked out during a wreck.

The shop can only add refrigerant to it at the conclusion of repair if it has a recovery machine registered with the EPA was to allow their tech to add refrigerant to the system at the conclusion of the repair and each tech handling refrigerant or the recovery machine is 609 certified. The business is in a violation if its doing refrigerant(R-12, Freeze 12 or R 134a, does not matter what kind) work without meeting these requirements.

If a shop performed work on your car that requires removing the charge to perform another task, but they do not have a machine or the actually tech(s) who performed the work is not certified, it is a violation and this business should be referred to the EPA regional office.
This would be obvious if there's something on customer bills about A/C work at a shop, but there is no recovery equipment in sight and they're not able to produce proof of tech's 609 valid at the time of service. Parts shops / wholesalers that supply R-12 to customers simply because they have a business account are also in violation.

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